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Magazine for a perfect sleep.

Simply. Healthy. SIMPLY. HEALTHY. SLEEP. Magazine for a perfect sleep. Ausgabe 10|2016 en Prof. Dr. med. h.c. Günther W. Amann-Jennson Natural sleeping system When enjoying healthy sleep in a natural sleeping system you should care for proper maintenance. Products made of sheep‘s wool or fabrics made of pure cotton as well as natural latex need special care to keep their natural characteristics as long as possible. • Always shake up and air beddings filled with bio-active sheep‘s wool. • Also, regularly air pillows filled with bio-active sheep‘s wool. In case your pillow contains a natural latex core, remove it. Natural latex should not come into direct contact with sunlight. • Regularly air your natural latex mattress. • Avoid dry-cleaning your natural products. This might destroy or at least decrease the natural characteristics of the materials. • Wash out heavy contamination with an organic washing powder and lukewarm water. Ask at your dry-cleaning for a gentle cleaning procedure (without chemicals). MAGAZINE for perfect sleep Here you can read more about the healthy sleep online: How to care for a healthy sleep The change in the hormonal balance of adolescents or the starting time of morning obligations can’t be influenced. But some things that make sleeping easier and more effective certainly can. • Turn the bedroom into a feel-good-oasis. To be able to sleep well, the bedroom has to be cool, quiet and dark. A study of the American psychologist Mary A. Carskadon reveals the increased sensitivity of the circadian system to light in early/mid-puberty. Therefore, ban tablet, computer, smartphone from the bedroom. • A holistic, natural sleeping underlay creates perfect preconditions for recovery and regeneration. • A short power nap at lunch-time reduces any sleep debt and enhances performance. • Watch your caffeine-intake. It’s advisable to drink caffeine containing beverages early enough. Nicotine and alcohol not only harm our health but also disturb our sleep. • Develop a regular sleep-wake-cycle. Ensure, that you don’t sleep more than two to three hours longer on weekends. Otherwise your inner clock will be disturbed and sleeping will become an even bigger problem (only applies for teenagers, otherwise max. 1.5 hours). • It is advisable to have your last meal and/or strenuous sports activities at least one to two hours before going to bed. • Learning or doing homework last-minute, watching stressful movies late – all these things are bad preconditions for falling asleep easy. Calm evening activities like a warm bath or reading best enable restful falling asleep. Like this, your rhythm can easily adjust to sleeping. • Make a to-do-list. By this, nothing can be forgotten and you can fall asleep relaxed. • Just try, how good and attractive you are feeling with sufficient sleep – and how much fun the following day is going to be. • Keep a sleep-diary and write down your needs resp. what you have to change to get sufficient sleep and to therewith stay healthy, happy and smart!

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